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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When do I pay for shipping?

A: The time of payment depends on the method of transport, the location the item(s) is Being shipped to. The Method of transit  e.g. Truck, UPS) is listed with the parts descripton throughout the online-catalog.
Shipping freight items to a commercial address will always be cheaper than a residence, freight companies charge an extra fee to deliver a residential address. Call us for an estimate.

Prepay Freight - Always to MN, WI, IL, MI, IN, OH. All other states are C.O.D, unless specially requested. We will call once your order is packaged to have you prepay the freight charges prior to shipping out. 

Freight Collect - All states except the ones listed above as prepay. You will pay the carrier freight charges upon delivery. If you are having your item(s) shipped to a freight terminal you will pay them once
 you pick up.  We do offer a prepaid option for freight for these areas, but it must be requested - and never on residental shipping. Someone must be home to accept, inspect and recieve. 

UPS - Shipping charges will always pre-paid. We will contact you once your item(s) has been packaged. At that time we will give you the exact amount you’re to pay for shipping.  Your item(s) will be shipped 
as once your order is paid in full.

Q: What happens if my item(s) shows up damaged?

A: Freight Shipments- As soon as you pick up or receive the shipment inspect all of the items before you accept or pay for the freight. If you notice any damages to your item(s) please mark it on the freight carrier’s bill and refuse the freight.  In addition, you must call us right away to inform us of the damage.  We will be sure to produce new item(s) for you within 2 weeks. You will have to pay for the next freight shipment received, unless you prepaid for the previous freight charges. 

UPS Shipments- Please open and inspect your package as soon as you can.  If damage did occur in transit, call us right away.  Once you have notified us that your item(s) was delivered damaged we will send a call tag for the package.  We will produce new parts for you right away and ship them within 2 weeks.

Q: Can I change the ship to address before my order ships?
A: Yes, please call us right away if you want to change the ship to address.  

Q: Do you ship outside the U.S?
A: Yes. For more information on shipping outside the U.S please call or email - vfnfiberglass@gmail.com.   Because of the extra details that go into shipping - Overseas customers must arrange their own freight.  Unless it is a UPS item, this we can arrange for you. 

Cancelations & Returns:

Q: Am I allowed to cancel my order?
A: Yes. You must call us to cancel an order.  Any canceled orders will be subject to a 20% restocking fee to be assessed at the discretion of VFN.

Q: Does VFN accept returned items?
A: Only with proper approval. Please also see Terms & Conditions.

Q: Is there a warranty on VFN Products?
A:  Yes, VFN has a warranty in place our all of our products against manufacturing error.  However, if you alter the VFN product in ANYWAY - this  automatically VOIDS our warranty.


Q: What form of payments does VFN accept?
A: VFN accepts all major credit cards.  VFN also accepts checks and money orders, However. VFN does NOT accept checks as a form of payment at the time of pick-up - no exceptions. For final payment towards your balance, a money order is best when not using a credit card. Company and personal checks are subject to a 3 week hold for bank clearance when used for final payment.   

Q: Will I need to pay in full to place an order?
A: You must pay at least ½ down, and the other half is due before your order ships. If you are picking up your order from VFN’s location you must pay any remaining balance at that time.  All in-stock and rush items are to be paid in full at the time of placing the order.  Any special orders also must be paid in full at the time of order. 

Q: Does VFN charge packaging fees?
A: Yes, we do charge fees on packaging, but only if your order is being shipped.  If you’re picking up your order from our location we recommend you do NOT have your order packaged (boxed items are extremely large, which makes them harder to transport). Please call for prices on packaging charges.

Q: Do I have to pay tax?
A: You must pay Illinois state tax IF you’re an Illinois resident,  having your order shipped to an address in Illinois, or you are picking up from our shop. No Exceptions. 

Q: Are there any special discounts?
A: Please call with questions about special pricing. NOTE: In order receive VFN’s special pricing you must provide us with all requested documentation.

Q: Does VFN charge storage fees?
A: Items that are left at our location for several months are subject to storage fees.  Freight companies will also charge storage after a few days of non delivery or pickup. Please be ready for your parts.  

Products & Services:

Q: Does VFN keep parts in stock?
A: VFN’s parts are made to order. We do have certain parts that we are able to produce faster than others.  However, most hardware is kept in stock. Rush orders are decided on a case to case basis. Please call us for the time frames. Our typical leave time is 6 weeks.  Our busiest season generally spans  November - April, however we have been known to be busy beyond these months - please check for current timing prior to ordering. Will help you plan your project out. 

Q: Does VFN offer Lexan windows?
A: Yes, please call us for all questions and pricing on Lexan.

Q: Does VFN accept custom orders?
A: VFN no longer offers the service of custom installs of scoops onto hoods. However, if there is something special you need done it never hurts to ask.  For some items we do offer our parts in a heavier matting - designed for additional durability for a 10% increase in cost. Please call or e-mail us for more information.

Q: Does VFN offer any hardware?
A: YES. Most of our hardware is in stock.  
Please follow these links: http://www.vfnfiberglass.com/mountinginstructions.htm

Q:  How do I place an order?
A: Payment and orders are accepted by phone only. We do confirm orders by email - please read confirmation emails in their entirety, as they include important information that was discussed at the time of order. We cannot be held liable for any miscommunication after this email has been sent off.  

PHONE: (630)543-0232

Q: Will I receive an invoice or a receipt after I place an order?
A: VFN can send you an order confirmation upon request by e-mail, mail, or fax.

Q: Can I pick up my order from VFN’s location?
A: Yes! We love getting to meet our wonderful customers! Please note that if you pick up from our location you must pay state tax, unless you are a business that will be reselling the iems and have proper tax exempt documentation.

Q: Will I have to do any modification to my parts?
A: Aftermarket Fiberglass parts are not direct fitting these products are built for racing and may require modifications. These can include: trimming or slotting of hinge holes, fabricating brackets for bumpers, front ends, bodies and dashes as well as dzus pins to hold down pin on items. Please familiarize yourself with our front end mounting kits, videos and perhaps some research if you're not familiar with use of these products. As always we are available to answer your questions. Our goal is to ensure our products fit your needs. 

Q: How do I store my VFN parts once I receive them?
A: It is best to test fit items immediately but sometimes storing is necessary. Pin on hoods should be stored in an upright position or laid flat -  never on the side.  Do NOT lean other parts against the fiberglass items as over time it may lead to distorting the shape of the item - making it more difficult to install on your car.

Q: What if I am having technical issues with VFN part(s)?
A: If you’re experiencing technical issues such as fitment, please call us.  VFN handles the majority of the technical complaints by having the customer e-mail us at vfnfiberglass@gmail.com.  We will ask you to provide pictures, as well as the parts description and issue.  We do our best to resolve these issues for you as soon as possible. Most resolutions include troubleshooting the item and making additional adjustments - please be open to our suggestions - our goal is for you to have a great fitting part. 

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